(ofical PADI course)

Become a diving instructor and share your knowledge and your passion for the sea with your students

The IDC (Instructor Development Course) prepares you to become a PADI diving instructor. In addition to ensuring a high level of knowledge in diving, it provides future instructors with the keys to successfully teach the different PADI courses up to the Divemaster level.

Oficial PADI course


The instructor course takes place intensively for 11 consecutive days. In that period of time the instructor course, the EFR Instructor course, the Nitrox instructor course, the Oxygenation instructor course and the final exam, IE are included.

Karlos Simón personally leads this course, as well as all the instructor courses at Buceo Hispania schools. Karlos has the PLATINUM category as Course Director, which is the highest level in this degree, maintaining this category in these last 4 years. Courses are quite demanding but this brings a guaranteed success in the exams, 100% of success.


Theoretical part:

The theoretical part includes training in all subjects present in the IE (instructors exam):

– PADI Standards

– Diving theory

During the theoretical classes we will learn to familiarize ourselves with the materials and documents of PADI, discussions will be developed to strengthen theoretical concepts that generate confusion and students will be prepared with exams of example of the different subjects.

Practical part:

The practical part is also completely oriented to the skills that will be evaluated in the instructor exam:

– Confined water skill demonstration circuit

– Demonstration of skills and supervision of the group in confined waters

– Assessment of skills and supervision of the group in open waters

Diver’s prerequisites:

– PADI Divemaster certification, PADI Instructor Assistant or equivalent levels.

– Certificate of First Aid course and CPR in the last 24 months. (EFR)

– At least 100 certified dives.

– Open Water Diver or equivalent for 6 months.

** If you have any requirements or documentation, please contact us

Each candidate must have the following diving equipment for training in swimming pool, sea and final exam: fins, goggles, tube, isothermal suit, knife, jacket type hydrostatic vest, regulator, auxiliary regulator, gauge, depth gauge, compass, pocket mask , watch and 2 capes of about 50cm each with a ore (thickness) of at least 5mm. (for swimming pool or even sea, a clock or computer must be worn that can show the passage of time in seconds).

Certification requirements:

The candidate must demonstrate during the course that he acquires the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to pass the instructors exam successfully. In a normal context, if this happens, you can present yourself for the exam.

The approval of the exam depends on the PADI official examining board. They will be the ones who will certify that the minimum required has been reached and they will approve the certification.


– Theoretical preparation pre IE (on-line)
– IDC course
– EFRI course
– EFR kit
– Instructor Kit
– Nitrox Instructor Course
– Oxygen Provider Instructor Course
– Diving equipment
– Instructor insurance
– Padi Fees
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